Neck pillow
travel pillow
Neck pillow travel pillow
Neck Pillow
Rs. 1,050

All sizes are in inches. (1 Foot = 12 inches)

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  • Pillows are an idyllic ingredient for a good day or night's rest, because they can put a person's mind right at ease before sleep occurs. Essentially formulated for excellent sleep quality, Hush pillows have been known to dramatically increase upper body support as well as support the head and neck muscles most gently. Apart from aiding a sleeper in attaining a restful slumber, certain pillows such as neck pillows work well for those persons with chronic neck problems or who travel frequently. Our neck pillow is designed specifically to support the head and neck with its wrap-around shape; and it provides one with luxurious comfort when on a flight or travelling on the road. Formulated with temperature-sensitive, visco-elastic memory foam – this neck pillow is both dust mite and allergen resistant.

    Inner Core: ThermoAdapt™ memory foam

    Outer Fabric: High performance velour fabric cover (Removable/Washable)

    Feel: Medium firm

    Recommended for:  People having neck problems/ People who travel


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Umesh Kapadia
29 Mar 2016

Travel pillow in Blue

I have yet to use it on a flight but it works perfectly fine in the car. The good feature is that the material is very soft and give good comfort.

Chandra Yadav
24 May 2016

Great purchase

Don't waster money on cheap neck pillows. This one is for life. Very supportive and wont let you neck drop at all.

01 Jul 2016

Happy traveling

My husband bought this for me a year ago. This neck pillow is soft and supportive. The cover unzips and is easy to wash. Its also durable, good quality and great value for the price!

David Scott
02 Sep 2016

Great for travel

I travel a lot for work and was looking for a U-shaped neck pillow to use when I am stuck in the middle seat on airplanes. This pillow fit the bill and is awesome. I think it is just firm enough to support your head, but soft enough so you don't get a kink.

07 Jan 2017

super soft and comfy!

I haven't used mine yet, but seems to be firm unlike some of the other travel pillows, I am excited to try it on my next trip!

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