Think about a stay in a world-class hotel. What evokes the strongest memory? Chances are that it’s the luxurious feeling of sliding in to a perfectly turned-down, incomparably soft bed, between gently starched and immaculately pressed pure white cotton sheets.

Across the world, hotels rate 'Comfortable Sleep' as the top priority for their guests. Marriott International Group of Hotels is a relevant example, who recently launched a bedding makeover by replacing 628,000 beds at approximately 2,400 hotels worldwide, across its 8 brands; all to offer its customers better luxury and comfort.

Our innovative sleep solutions play a major role in increasing the luxury quotient at our partnering hotels. Catering to the best business hotels and the top-of-the-line luxury hotels and resorts, we have a clientele that trusts us to please its guests.

So the next time you check into a hotel and wake up feeling great, remember that you can very easily recreate an experience of equal luxury and comfort in your own bedroom.

In addition to our wide range of mattresses, pillows, furnishings and linen, we also offer hospitality clients bed bases and roll away beds.


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